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The Vinyl Corporation has a wide selection of Transparent Vinyl Self Adhesive films within their extensive range of Sign and Sign Making Vinyl Rolls. Clear Gloss or Matt finish Transparent Vinyl for protective and safety usage, Coloured Architectural and Decorative Stained Glass Effect Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl to Create Mosaic Tiles for Arts and Crafts Projects, Coloured Transparent film to Customise car lights, as well as ETCH GLASS effect vinyl and Frosted window vinyl, also Window tint and Solar Control films.

Coloured Transparent Vinyl Film

Coloured Transparent film can be overlayed on itself to produce unlimited colour choices and combinations from your colour pallete.This Vinyl Film sticks well to glass, acrylic, plastic and any other smooth surface, it is recommended that the substrate that the Transparent Vinyl is to be applied to is prepared with AVERY SURFACE CLEANER prior to affixing the Vinyl Decal.The Vinyl Corporation recommends the ORACAL 8300 TRANSPARENT VINYL for longer term projects such as overlaying Coloured Transparent Film over REFLECTIVE VINYL for road signs and directional TRAFFIC SIGNS, also the RITRAMA, Ri-Mark Coloured Transparent vinyl is supplied for ARTS and Crafts projects and many internal applications even as basic as covering a book in CLEAR STICKY BACK PLASTIC or sometimes referred to as FABLON, there are so many uses for this product it is only limited by the imagination!


Transparent Vinyl film whether in the CLEAR GLOSS format as the ORACAL, ORAJET 3164 vinyl form or the BOMB BLAST, ANTI CARJACK or Stonechip protection film, the uses and applications are limitless, whether it is paint work protection or as a safety laminate to avoid shards of glass from causing injury every home and every business can benefit from the clear TRANSPARENT VINYL film, for application methods and the best results, please refer to our BLOG page for instructions and advice.