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Bubble Free Vinyl

With SIGN MAKING SUPPLIES and SIGN VINYL for WRAPPING A CAR in so many colours, sizes, grades and abilities on the UK WRAPPING market it is important to get the right product for the particular project to be tackled, if it is a GOLD CHROME MIRROR WRAP or a CARBON FIBRE STRUCTURE CAST or even a WIDE FORMAT DIGITAL PRINT WRAP, the material selected should be of a PREMIUM QUALITY VINYL with a RAPID AIR release system otherwise known as "BUBBLE FREE" or AIR RELEASE system also known as "EASY APPLY",Both the ORACAL 970RA and the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM have a channel system in the adhesive structure to enable a rapid air egress system to ensure a bubble free application, using the correct AVERY WRAPPING TOOLS and having prepared the surface thoroughly with the highly recommended AVERY SURFACE CLEANER.


When a CAR WRAP for a straight colour change is being attempted, the AVERY WRAP FILM is usually recommended or the ORACAL 970RA is sometimes used for specific colours and a VEHICLE WRAPPER can have particular preferences with the way material handles and folds into the recesses and swages of a vehicle, clearly these features are enhanced by the rapid air egress system, as the lack of bubbles are another challenge that the VINYL WRAPPER does not have to contend with.


Should the current project be a Corporate branding or photographic type image that requires a full digital print wrap on CAST VINYL then the ORAJET 3951 then over laminated with the ORAGUARD 290F will deliver excellent results , alternatively the AVERY DENNISON 1105 vehicle wrapping film can be used in conjunction