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The Vinyl Corporation is the leading UK supplier of vehicle wrapping Vinyl Films, with a wide range of colours and designs from ALL the leading Brand manufacturers. The Vinyl Corporation will usually recommend AVERY Supreme wrapping vinyl, with the Rapid Air technology, to ensure the very best finish and results and in the long run saving time, effort and money.

CAST or CALENDERED? The Vinyl Corporation have been giving best advice and supplying cast and calendered films into the sign making industry for over 30 years and the manufacturing advances and technological improvements in the ability to produce materials have improved immeasurably.There are many choices but a premium quality Cast Vinyl Wrap is the right choice if conformability is required over compound curves, rivets, deep channels and recesses,Casting also produces unparalleled dimensional stability, which means that once the film is applied and the adhesive has cured, these wraps will retain their integrity for many years to come (Long after the Ink has given up!) This been noted there are some premium Ultra calendered films on the market which perform to a very high standard, and if it is for a short term promotion it would be financially imprudent and overkill to use a Premium Cast Vinyl Wrapping Film, it really is “Horses for courses” and we can advise you of the best suited material to be installed on your particular project.

SELF COLOURED OR PRINTED? The Vinyl Corporation has a wide choice of products available whether you are looking to “Colour Change” the vehicle by wrapping the entire bodywork or if it is an advertising campaign which requires printed messages, we have the solution at The Vinyl Corporation. Whether it is the AVERY SUPREME or the ORAJET 3951 Just call and one of our dedicated experts will be more than willing to assist you.

EASY TO APPLY – Almost all vinyls that have been engineered for wrap applications use some form of “Air Egress Technology” to facilitate removal of trapped air pockets during installation, making it faster and easier for and installer to apply larger panels and sections of wrap bubble free.