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Glow In The Dark Vinyl 

Photo luminescent High Visibility tape (Hi Viz Luminous tape) is a speciality vinyl film that is supplied by The Vinyl Corporation for various industrial purposes for night time and safety vision in the Marine, Rail and oil sectors.This glow in the dark Luminous striping tape can be used to guide personnel to safety in a densely smoke filled area where the electricity has failed and there is no other light source.

HOW DOES IT WORK? - Well it is just Magic, but some sign makers and sign making suppliers believe that the Self adhesive Vinyl luminous pigment absorbs the ambient light, whether that is natural or artificial source, and then emits a visible glow in the dark

How To Use Luminous Vinyl - Glow in the Dark Luminous vinyl film can be cut by CAD/CAM computer cutting methods via a plotter as the vinyl material is 0.45mm thick and then applied with the use of vinyl application tools and a vinyl squeegee to the required surface or substrate, some sign makers choose to apply this vinyl to blank magnetic sign sheets, for maximum impact at night as a Taxi Sign or a Square Sign.The Vinyl Corporation, as the leading sign making supplies UK wholesaler stock a very good grade of photo luminescent vinyl and some of the Wall Art sign makers fashion stars and planets out of this luminous tape, for ceiling and wall decoration, as with Fablon sticky back plastic decals.

Digital printing media - Photo luminescent, Glow in the Dark, self adhesive luminous tape can be printed either by Solvent or Eco-Solvent printers and then also cut by the plotter, making it ideal media for print and cut graphics, safety Signs, Vinyl Stickers or Vehicle Vinyl.

Durability - Quality sign vinyl supplies such as the self adhesive Luminous vinyl are excellent for Long Term applications, should the safety signs, vinyl graphics or vinyl lettering be applied Internally then a 20 year life should be expected and if these safety signs in photo luminescent vinyl are fitted externally then a 7 year life should be expected from this speciality vinyl film