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Holographic vinyl is the perfect vinyl for attracting attention.

With a holographic effect, the holographic vinyl shines and reflects different colours of light, creating a 3D-like image that looks like the colours are moving and have been brought to life depending on the angle that you look at it.

Holographic vinyl gives your signs the ultimate eye-catching look that is guaranteed to attract attention. With a range of styles, colours and sizes available, holographic vinyl can be used in various locations for a range of purposes, giving you complete creative control over your signage.

At Vinyl Corporation, our holographic vinyl also includes a range of glitter styles, for that perfect shimmering metallic look. No matter what you use the vinyl for, why not say it in glitter.

Our range of holographic vinyl is:

Attention grabbing – Glitter vinyl is the perfect way of grabbing attention and adding the perfect touch of something extra special to your signage, making it stand out from the crowd.

High quality – As the leading UK wholesale supplier of vinyl rolls, we believe in providing only the best.

Durable – Weatherproof, long-lasting and durable, our holographic wrap promises to not let you down and look at its best for years to come.

Easy to use – Simply cut the holographic vinyl to the size and shape that you want it and apply to your sign to make your creations.

Versatile – Able to use in a variety of locations for a range of uses, there’s nothing you can’t do with holographic vinyl. The only limit is your imagination.

With holographic vinyl, it’s important to remember that the holographic effect is shown only on the film face side and not the adhesive. So, even though holographic vinyl creates a wonderful effect on a variety of signs, it is not intended for double-sided use.