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Matt Vinyl

Matt vinyl is fantastic for anyone starting out or new to vinyl. Unlike gloss, matt vinyl doesn't reflect the light. Instead of a shiny surface, it has a more natural, hand-painted finish.

The painted finish of vinyl matt film makes it perfect for indoor spaces and uses, such as on walls or glass. Incredibly durable, matt vinyl will last for years or until your taste changes. As the leading UK wholesale supplier of vinyl rolls to the sign making & vinyl sign-making industries, our range of vinyl matt film is available in a variety of colours and our products are:

- High quality. As the leading UK wholesale supplier of vinyl rolls, we believe in providing only the best.

- Versatile. Perfect for indoor spaces, it can be used in a variety of different ways, such as wall décor or wayfinding. Whatever signs you can think of, matt vinyl can help you create them.

- Durability. At the Vinyl Corporation, we stock different types of vinyl quality from economic to premium. Matt vinyl is guaranteed to last for a minimum of three years, but are incredibly long-lasting and will rarely let you down.

- Easy-to-use. Simply cut the vinyl film to the size and shape that you want them and apply them to your sign.

- Perfect for customisation. With an extensive range of colours, you will be able to find the perfect shade your company needs to build the perfect sign.

Overall, vinyl matt film is easy to use, durable and gives a natural, hand-painted finish. Perfect for indoor signs, our range comes in a large variety of different colours. Able to find the exact colours for your business, the only sign-making limit is your imagination.

Dedicated to our customers, we understand your sign-making needs and provide high quality vinyl rolls at the best possible prices, with speedy delivery.