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Metallic Vinyl

Here at The Vinyl Corporation we are pleased to offer metallic vinyl, discover our wide range of metallic sign vinyl today!

Metallic vinyl adds a chrome-like appearance to your signs. With a shiny, reflective finish, metallic sign vinyl makes any sign look smoother, slicker, and more professional. Waterproof and highly durable, metallic vinyl rolls can be used for a variety of purposes, both indoors and outdoors.

Metallic sign vinyl is also a perfect option for car or van wraps. Using a vehicle wrap will naturally engage and capture attention wherever your vehicle goes, acting as a great way to strengthen and increase brand awareness. Cheaper than spray painting your vehicles, vinyl wraps are a cost-effective way of advertising your business to the thousands of people who will see your vehicle every day, acting like miniature, portable and memorable billboards for your company.

The Vinyl Corporation is the leading UK wholesale supplier of vinyl rolls to the sign-making and vinyl sign-making industries. Our range of metallic vinyl is:

High quality. As the leading UK wholesale supplier of vinyl rolls, we believe in providing only the best for your company.

Easy to use. Simply cut the metallic sign vinyl to the size and shape that you want it, then fix it to the surface.

Versatile. Able to stick to a variety of surfaces, the durable metallic vinyl can be used in endless ways. Our range also includes a variety of colours, allowing you to create your perfect design.

Durable. At the Vinyl Corporation, we stock different types of vinyl quality from economic to premium. Our metallic vinyl rolls are designed to be highly versatile, long-lasting, and durable, so it won’t let you down.

Eye-catching. Metallic sign vinyl has a shiny, reflective surface that gives an eye-catching chrome-like appearance, making your signs look smooth, slick, and professional.

Providing a shiny, reflective, and chrome-like appearance, metallic vinyl is the perfect option for creating your perfect eye-catching signs.

If you would like to find out more information about our metallic vinyl, then please get in touch with us today. You can get in touch with The Vinyl Corporation by using our contact form, by emailing us at:, or by calling us on: 0115 930 1133. We would be more than happy to answer any queries or questions you may have about our metallic sign vinyl.