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Mirror Vinyl

The Vinyl Corporation has been providing Sign Making Vinyl and Sign Makers supplies for over 30 years and Chrome Mirror Reflective vinyl in silver, Gold, Copper, Red, Blue and Black are always very popular, especially since Car Wrapping has become much more popular with the advancement of vinyl technology and AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM for vehicle markings and Automotive Styling has progressed to such an extent and is so user friendly these Car Wraps can be applied by the public with minimum training.

The Vinyl Corporation supply bright silver foil which is a self adhesive material, usually a polyester, this is available in an interior or exterior film.However, The Vinyl Corporation always recommend the ORACAL Chrome or the Gold double sided chrome, this is only 23 microns thick and it is very durable with an extended exterior life expectancy of five years, depending on the application as it is the UV rays that will damage and degrade this type of signmaking film. Chrome mirror vinyl can also be a wrapping Vinyl in a wide choice of colours, one must be careful with a Full Chrome Vehicle Wrap, as the sunlight can reflect off the Vehicle Wrapping Film and dazzle the other road users. Chrome Mirror Vinyl can also be in the form of Sticky Back Plastic Fablon, Self adhesive Vinyl with a chrome mirror effect that can have a Holographic, Prismatic or a Glitter effect on the surface making it a very attractive Point of Sale, or Point of Purchase merchandising tool.

Mirror Vinyl can be used to great effect on windows not only to eliminate Glare and heat, but to afford privacy in an Office, Warehouse or the rear windows of a commercial vehicle, as with tinted Van windows where light can be allowed in but when viewed from the outside only a mirror can be seen, also with Silver Chrome effect window tint, there is an option to get a combined safety and security film, the "Silver 15" which also bonds the glass together offering extra protection in the case of breakage.

Garment vinyl for heat pressing onto clothing can be supplied by The Vinyl Corporation, this can be used for corporate branding or promotional wear and is considered to be most eye catching and a very effective marketing tool in the Clothing Vinyl range.

As with most vinyl sign making products supplied by The Vinyl Corporation, not only are they versatile in their usage, but there are numerous different categories of Chrome MIRROR VINYL from AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM to the Chrome silver or Gold ORACAL polyester Sign Vinyl, to the Holographic Glitter and sparkling vinyl in the Speciality range of vinyl through to the very popular Silver Car Window Tint.