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Removable Vinyl

The Vinyl Corporation has been providing Signmaking Supplies and Sign Making Self Adhesive vinyl rolls,with both permanent or removable self adhesive vinyl, for over 30 years.Removable Adhesive vinyl will remain in situ for as long as it is required to do so, it is no less aggressive or long lasting than a permanent adhesive, but when the vinyl film is removed the adhesive will be removed with the Vinyl film and not leave an adhesive residue on the substrate that it has been removed from.When the vinyl sign has been removed a wipe with Rapid Remover or Avery Adhesive Remover will ensure that no contamination remains on the substrate and it is now ready to finally wipe with Avery Surface Cleaner prior to spraying with Rapid Tack and applying the Vinyl Graphics, full instructions can be found on our Blog site.


When a Sign maker is choosing their Sign Supplies for a removable sign, it will be wise to consider the duration of the promotion and the setting where it is to be applied, for instance if it is a Vinyl wall Art installation in a Gallery or a motivational slogan in an office setting or even an Exhibition Graphic on a Display stand then a Ritrama Matt vinyl will be advised as this will be a relatively short term indoor application that does not want to reflect the glare of bright exhibition lighting.Alternatively Demonstrator or courtesy Car Graphics can be produced on Sign Making Equipment in Fluorescent vinyl or Chrome Mirror Vinyl to be more eye catching, in these circumstances it is recommended that these Holographic, Glitter and sparkling Vinyl Graphics are mounted on Removable vinyl prior to application.


Removable Wall Vinyl and Sign Vinyl which is going to be Digitally Printed can be supplied by The Vinyl Corporation on Removable Self Adhesive Vinyl such as ORAJET 3162 , this is Digital Printing Vinyl that can be printed on with a Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV or Latex inkjet printer and after three years it will still be removable, just a wipe with Rapid Remover or Avery Adhesive Remover and the Digital Printing Media will be gone.

Removable Vinyl Rolls are just as easy to print, cut and weed as permanent adhesive vinyl rolls and it is just as easy to apply the Vinyl Sign or Car Graphics as a permanent adhesive Vinyl Graphic, there is absolutely no difference until it is time to remove the Vinyl Film.