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Silver Leaf Vinyl

Silver, Gold Leaf, also Silver or Gold Mirror Foil, Chrome Polyester or vinyl wrap - sometimes referred to as 'Reflective' as ones reflection can be seen in the chrome foil mirror finish, however this only reflects the image and not light as retro reflective does, as it has glass beads embedded within the pigment construction to reflect the light back to the light source in darkness - See Chapter 8 Specification and types of Reflective Vinyl.

Silver Leaf vinyl is found within the holographic and prismatic range of chromes, glitters and metallic foil, speciality polyesters and vinyl for Sign and Display purposes, making eye catching designs using metals, metallic and mirror effects to attract leaf and brushed effect buyers.

High quality. The Vinyl Corporation supplies the very best quality gold leaf, silver leaf, silver leaf holographic and sparkling vinyl. The mirror gold chrome foil is double sided, enabling high quality vinyl lettering and vinyl graphics to be applied as window displays and manifestations.

Usage. Point of sale advertising and instore display graphics can be made more aesthestically pleasing with the addition of chrome mirror vinyl as chrome foil or chrome polyester, whether smooth finish, brushed aluminium, checker plate effect can attract customer attention.

Durable. The Vinyl Corporation stock a vast selection of brushed aluminium self adhesive rolls as well as brushed chrome and smooth mirror chrome, in many colours, sizes and durability grades for interior or exterior signage projects.

Easy Application. The Vinyl Corporation always supply user friendly 'peel and stick' vinyls. The car wrap which is available in chrome wrapping material has rapid air, easy apply, air release technology to enable easy application and a bubble free job with Avery Supreme. So when you wish to discuss or purchase your chrome vinyl or chrome vinyl wrap for your next project, no matter how ambitious it might be, The Vinyl Corporation have over 30 years experience in sourcing and supplying the best product for your requirements and exceed your expectations.