This is the ideal media for illuminated LIGHT BOX and window graphics, creating bright eyecatching signage, having a solvent based acrylic adhesive with a high Ultra Violet resistance, it is suitable for long term internal or external signage.

Illuminated Light boxes are valuable tools in grabbing attention with Point of Purchase (P.O.P) signage, window graphics, building signs, directional signs and promotional signage.

The Vinyl Corporation is the leading UK supplier of Translucent vinyl film and would recommend the usage of Oracal 8500 Translucent film

EASY TO USE – Translucent vinyl film can be cut to the size and shape required to fit into the light box, used in conjunction with Block Out Opaque self adhesive vinyl film this will produce the most noticeable backlit signage

DURABILITY – Translucent vinyl film supplied by The Vinyl Corporation has and exterior life expectancy of at least seven years, and when applied to an internal fixture this lifespan is extended even further.

HIGH QUALITY – The Vinyl Corporation only supplies a product line of the very highest quality available, for Translucent Vinyl Film the Oracal 8500 range which is 80 Microns thick and has a colour choice of 54 shades with a Satin finish ensuring an even and uniform light diffusion.

APPLICATION- The Vinyl Corporation recommends that for Backlit signage, Lightbox or window displays Oracal 8500 Translucent vinyl film is used, as it will adhere to a clean, flat surface of acrylic, Glass or other Translucent Plastic material.

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