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The Vinyl Corporation has been providing sign making supplies for over 30 years, including a wide range of Window Vinyl for window displays, glass protection, safety and security as well as promotional window graphics for advertising and increasing sales. One Way Vision, perforated Window vinyl or Contravision ( a brand name that The Vinyl Corporation can supply) is used primarily for Large Format Digital prints, Digital print vinyl can be solvent, UV or Latex printed and then applied to the Window, as a Window display.One Way Vision is usually White on the front and Black on the back, making it ideal to allow vision from inside the building or vehicle, whilst making the view from outside virtually impossible. This Digital printing Vinyl provides a good alternative to fitting Window Tinting Film or Etch Glass effect Vinyl – offering good advertising space and not reducing the light transmission into the display area of the building or showroom.

High Quality – The Vinyl Corporation have been providing window vinyl sign making supplies for over 30 years and know the very best type, quality and size of one way vision perforated vinyl to recommend for particular projects, making them durable and cost effective for the client and a profitable proposition for the sign maker.

Easy To Apply – As the One Way Vision vinyl is a perforated vinyl film it is very easy to apply bubble free using the correct vinyl application tools or tinting tools, that can be purchased from The Vinyl Corporation with the window vinyl. Once the Wide format print has been printed and prepared it is just a matter of peeling the Sticky Back Plastic from the backing paper and applying as Fablon onto a well prepared clean surface.Should you not be confident about carrying this out please refer to The Vinyl Corporation Blog on Where to buy sign vinyl, How to fit Window Tint,How to Wrap a Vehicle and How to apply Sign Vinyl and all will become clear to see through – just like our Transparent Window vinyl!

Versatile – One Way Vision, perforated window vinyl has many uses within many industries, but primarily it is used as a Vinyl Sticker for shop window displays or Digital Media for Solvent Printing in print media supplies for Bus Graphics which cover the Vehicle windows with a graphic display, also Vehicle Headlight vinyl can be fashioned from one way vision vinyl film as an alternative to using Transparent coloured vinyl film from ORACAL or Avery Dennison.

One Way Vision Vinyl Film – The Vinyl Corporation’s Sign Making Supplies of Window vinyl cover all aspects of Reflective Tape, Window Tint, Chrome Vinyl Wrap, Etched Tape, adhesive vinyl window displays and window tint- wherever privacy or security will be offered by excluding vision but still affording light transmission One Way Vision Vinyl can be deployed, please contact for advice.