Vinyling difficult surfaces, in difficult conditions

applying vinyl to difficult surfaces

Having spent the past thirty five years supplying self adhesive vinyl products to some of the most technically brilliant and some of the most “Colourful Characters” in the car striping, Vinyl Sign making, Wrapping and customising industries in the UK and abroad we can now look back and see the huge progress in materials, hardware and methods available at our disposal to manufacture and install signage quickly, safely and for it to be long lasting.There are so many areas of signage to compare, so this is just the introductory blog , as here at The Vinyl Corporation everytime we write a blog we get a tremendous response, usually helpful and constructive, regarding other sign makers experiences and types of equipment,materials and methods that they have successfully employed over the years, so please email in any contributions for the following blogs to .

Each surface and substrate has it’s own individual requirements and challenges, so custom made solutions are the best way to achieve this goal, because many standard surfaces such as flat glass panels or van sides can be tackled with the broad spectrum self adhesive vinyl such as ORACAL 651, whereas an internal Wallart graphic, or exhibition type decal will be manufactured from ORACAL 631 or AVERY 500 vinyl. However, when more challenging surfaces such as GoKarts or MotoX bikes require Vinyl Stickers, then a more specialist Low Energy Vinyl such as the Orajet 3951HT with the 250 micron thick clear self adhesive laminate, known as Kartguard.

Selecting the correct vinyl for the corresponding surface is so critical, should technical advice be needed on the best choice of vinyl for a challenging surface please do not hesitate to contact the dedicated helpdesk at The Vinyl Corporation on 0115 930 1133 and our team of knowledgeable and very helpful advisers will be able to recommend a suitable vinyl product.Whether it is HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl that is to create a special effect, it is so important to select the correct Glitter, Stretch, Printable, Foil, Flex, Flock, Holographic.


The Vinyl Corporation will always recommend that before embarking on any Vinyl application, whether it is a difficult surface or in very challenging conditions or circumstances, the key to a successful application is Preparation, planning the task out, sourcing the correct materials for the job and great surface preparation will save lots of time, heartache and ultimately money, in the long run. The progress in this industry has been remarkable with some excellent signmaking tools and the AVERY SURFACE CLEANER is one of the go to products for most professional sign installers

Vinyl Wrapping Film with Air release systems is quite a recent concept, as Avery900 supercast, 3M or ARLON cast vinyl were the only serious options, but now with the ORACAL 970 and the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM and new effects and colours being introduced to the ranges the only real restiction is the wrappers imagination,from colour changes to fully printed wraps whether it is a car, boat or plane as one of our longer standing customer stated in his advertising ” I will customise ANY vehicle, Truck, boat, jetski or plane… long as it is on the ground and static!” another colourful character, as many involved in the customising, Garment ,signage and wrapping industry are that unique combination of artist and businessman, with creative ideas and flair, whilst still making a profit to reinvest in their business.

This is one of a series of blogs exploring the origins, progress and future development of the Sign making, vehicle Wrapping, garment customising and the application of self adhesive vinyl in it’s many forms, if you have any thoughts or amusing anecdotes regarding any of these, please contact us and share at