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With the onset of rising costs and tightening budgets, it is imperative that the cost of consumables within the business is controlled. This will ideally be achieved without compromising on quality and supply service. The Vinyl Corporation has been supplying self adhesive vinyl products for the past thirty-seven years and during that time many changes and developments have occurred in the evolution of this marketplace, but the basic principles of business still remain constant and sign makers want to provide a good service with long-lasting quality signs, whilst at the same time making a healthy profit, in order to develop their business and upgrade their premises, machinery and vehicles.
Oracal 651 vinylWHERE DO PROFESSIONAL SIGN MAKERS BUY THEIR CONSUMABLES?There are many outlets and warehouses that supply sign making consumables, whether this is printable vinyl, banners, magnetic sheets, application paper or tape or self coloured CAD/CAM cutting vinyl www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk The variety of materials available is very varied, but the professional sign makers always ensure that the quality of the vinyl is consistently good and the supply chain is good, as there is very little point in obtaining products at a very keen price if it is not available again tomorrow, or if the product quality varies dramatically. Supply and availability have become a major consideration in recent months and confidence that the suppliers will be financially stable enough to weather the current economic situation.
Avery Supreme Wrapping FilmRISING COSTSWith oil-based products rising in price combined with rising fuel prices and increased labour costs form the perfect storm to challenge businesses, the sign industry has always been reluctant to rise prices, there really is no future in working harder and longer for the same price, as all the fixed and variable costs are rising around you.to institute a price increase might be uncomfortable and make the sign maker squirm a bit, but the business must survive and this can only be sustainable if charging out prices are increased.The Vinyl Corporation have suppressed prices for many years and suffered the erosion of margins to remain more than competitive, in the face of the current prices of oil-based products and fuel prices of distribution even The Vinyl Corporation is having price increases from the beginning of July, so this is an excellent chance to purchase your stock orders and save even more of your hard earned. www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk
TACTICAL PURCHASINGThere are many tactics in business to maximise the profits and minimise costs and ongoing expenses, within the Vinyl sign making, wrapping and decoration business one of the best methods of reducing costs is to consolidate ranges and products stocked, so less money is stood on the shelves, but how is this achieved? With cutting vinyl, using ORACAL 651 is a great stride forward to this goal, as this vinyl is affordable, good quality and is extremely versatile, it really is the “go anywhere vinyl” with an excellent colour range and this is a well tried and tested film that has been in use for many years with good consistent results. www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk
           Oracal cast vinyl film                                    
IN CONCLUSIONControlling costs and tactical purchasing combined with increasing prices should be a very good start to surviving the current economic situation, The Vinyl Corporation can assist All sign makers by offering consistent supplies of All premium vinyl products, from the ubiquitous ORACAL 651 and the Matt ORACAL 631  right through the vinyl ranges of ORACAL 751 Cast vinyl to the superb ORACAL 970 Rapid Air wrapping vinyl.Also the very best of each manufacturers range has been assembled as a collection under one roof for ease of purchasing either order online www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk or call the dedicated help desk on 01159301133 or email any enquiries to dmtvc.march@btconnect.com