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Introduction to Orajet 3164  

Orajet 3164 - the vinyl corporation

 One of the most popular printed vinyls from ORAFOL is ORAJET 3164. ORAJET 3164 is a soft, printable vinyl that has a calendar on it. With a transparent, water-based permanent adhesive, this 4 mil, cost-effective printed vinyl is perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. The 3164 is designed for applying general signs and short- to medium-term interior and outdoor graphics to flat surfaces. The top coating of ORAJET 3164 allows it to be used with solvent, eco-solvent, Latex, and UV-curable inks. The ORAJET 3164 is available in white gloss and white matte finishes and has four-year outdoor durability.  


Advice from ORAFOL


advice form ORAFOL - The vinyl corporation

ORAFOL advises to only use materials from the same batch for a single graphics application. In this situation, ORAFOL makes sure that each film roll is made of material from the same batch number, preventing any splices. When employing different batch numbers, the technician should conduct tests to identify any potential variations in how the films are used and in the level of the graphical application.  


Orajet 3164  

The permanent polyacrylate adhesive used in the ORAJET digital printing self-adhesive vinyl is 100 microns thick and the adhesive comes with a white or a grey backing.  

N.B Both the Clear Adhesive and the Grey Adhesive on the White Backing are Permanent Adhesives.  

So, If you are looking for eye-catching and vibrant short- and medium-term outdoor advertising, this Solvent-based, UV-based, or latex inkjet printing just might be the one for you.  



The best choice for short- to medium-term indoor and outdoor graphics  

  • Decals  
  • Nameplates  
  • Die-Cut Letters   
  • Building Signs  
  • POP Retail Graphics   
  • Conforms well to flat surfaces  
  • Window Signage  
  • Exhibition graphics  
  • Exterior Signage  

Not suitable to print with water-based eco-solvent ink.  


Product Specifications   

  •  White in Glossy, 4 mil.   
  •  Low-cost PVC film with clear permanent adhesive   
  •  4-year outdoor toughness  


The surfaces that will receive the material must be well-cleaned and free of any debris, oil, or other impurities that can hinder the substance’s adhesion.   

Surfaces that have recently been painted or lacquered should be left at least three weeks to dry completely.     

Prior to applying the material, the user should test the suitability of the chosen lacquers and paints.    


 Storage and Processing Conditions  

The self-adhesive goods that ORAFOL provides in rolls should never be laid flat (without end caps); instead, they should always be suspended (with end caps) or standing on end on the roll blocks. They should be stored in a cool, dry area that is shielded from sunlight for processing and storage. It should be ensured that the temperature is between +I8°C and +22°C and that the relative air humidity is between 40% and 50%. In no way should storage be done next to a radiator or in direct sunlight.  

Instructions for Printing  

In general, extreme caution should be used when handling the digital printing materials.    

  • To avoid soiling or causing damage to the surface, cotton gloves should be worn.    
  • Examine the surface’s quality before printing or applying anything.    
  • Additionally, profile the print file. Due to their varying characteristics, such as the thickness of the adhesive layer, the ORACAL®/ORAJET® digital printing medium require distinct parameter settings of the printer and the selection software (RIP).    
  • Make sure you account for the appropriate volume of ink and the precise specifications of each hue.   
  • Additionally, make sure to match the digital printing materials and inks according to their specifications for their individual uses (indoor/outdoor) and durability.   


Drying up  

After printing, freshly printed films should be spread out and given time to dry so that any remaining solvent can evaporate. The vinyl may shrink if freshly printed vinyl is placed in the printed areas. Depending on the ink used, laminating too soon could reduce the film’s functionality (adhesive power, lifespan) by preventing residual solvents from evaporating. Films that have been printed but haven’t been properly dried shrink as they dry. The film may shrink and come off at the edges, from corrugations and rivets, if the vinyls’ drying process occurs after application on the substrate. We advise spreading the film out and letting it dry for at least 72 hours (laying or hanging), after following these processing and handling guidelines.   



In order to extend the lifespan of inkjet printouts while maintaining their ideal quality (gloss, colour, and resistance to physical damage), lamination is advised. The desired appearance of the graphic (gloss, matte, or semi-gloss) is improved with ORAGUARD® laminate films. They also offer fantastic defence against fading brought on by UV exposure.  

Allow solvent printed images to outgas for at least 24 hours at 70°F (48–72 hours) before trimming or laminating to prevent delamination, edge curling, and adhesive failure.  


Water-based Adhesive  

A popular low-cost option for indoor or transient outdoor graphic applications is a product with a water-based adhesive, such as ORAJET® 3640. Applications that are common include  

wall graphics, signage, or advertising decals.  

Use of wet application techniques or low temperature applications must be avoided to prevent adhesive bonding problems with the substrate.  


Solvent-based Adhesive  

Solvent-based adhesive-based products, such ORAJET® 3551, are made for highly demanding, long-lasting applications.  

Solvents are used to mix the components of this glue, resulting in a product that is structurally stronger and more resistant to chemicals, cleaning agents, and a wider range of temperatures.  

The ability to wet-apply graphics without worrying about adhesive bonding problems is another crucial feature.  

Among our most affordable and well-liked inkjet films, 3 mil, 4-year For short- to medium-term indoor and outdoor applications, the ORAJET 3640 delivers sharp images and fantastic colours. The ORAJET 3640 has a transparent, permanent adhesive and is frequently used for outdoor signage and banner applications such as P.O.P., exhibitions, and temporary promotions. available in both matte and gloss white finishes. LAMINATION RECOMMENDED: 200 or 2  


Self coloured flex for garment printing

  Hot_Flex_Ultra- the vinyl corporation

For designs that are too complex or elaborate for regular garment vinyl, Sheet Flex is a weed-free garment film. Using a typical mono or colour laser printer, print on coloured Sheet Flex sheets, press an adhesive transfer sheet to the back, peel it off, and then press the garment again for an amazing result.  



  ORAJET 3640- the vinyl corporation

Among our most affordable and well-liked inkjet films, 3 mil, 4-year For short- to medium-term indoor and outdoor applications, the ORAJET 3640 delivers sharp images and fantastic colours. The ORAJET 3640 has a transparent, permanent adhesive and is frequently used for outdoor signage and banner applications such as P.O.P., exhibitions, and temporary promotions. available in both matte and gloss white finishes.LAMINATION RECOMMENDED: 200 or 2.  

Product Details  

3640 with Clear Permanent Adhesive  

  • White graphic film with a 3 mm economy PVC matte or gloss in a clear permanent adhesive   
  • Fantastic for die-cut lettering, POPs, decals, nameplates, inside or outdoor signs, and decals.  
  • 4 year outdoor toughness   
  • 83lb paper liner with silicone coating   
  • ORAFOL advises using ORAGUARD 200, 210, or 240 for lamination.   
  • Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV Curable, and Latex print compatibility  


3641 with Grey Permanent Adhesive  

At an unbeatable price, the Orafol 3641 water-based economical digital media offers sharp images and fantastic colours! This media will advance your initiatives and is perfect for short- to medium-term applications like banners and promotional signs.  


  • Applications Flat indoor and outdoor applications include decals, nameplates, die-cut letters, and POP that are reasonably priced for short- to medium-term use.  
  • 3 mils thick   
  • 4 years of durability (unprinted)  
  • Paper covered with silicone in 83#, release liner  
  • Adhesive persistent, grey, water-based adhesive  
  • Shades and Finish available in gloss or matte white with a surface  
  • 150′ Available Lengths  
  • 30, 54 available widths  
  • Ability to print Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV Curable, Latex  

Matching Over-Laminate  

In conjunction with ORAGUARD 236 for up to 2 years of durability (PVC-Free/Won’t Shrink)   

Integrate with ORAGUARD 200 for up to two years of durability.   

When used with ORAGUARD 210, the durability can last up to 5 years.  


   F.A.Q | the vinyl corporation

Are Oracal and OraJET the same 

Are Oracal and OraJET the same- the vinyl corporation

With one extra step between printing and cutting, using printable vinyl sheets from Oracal (Orajet 1917 is the same item) is similar to using other print and cut processes. You don’t need to cut the Oracal printable adhesive vinyl down to fit into your home printer because it comes in 8.5″ x 11″ sheets.  


What is OraJET vinyl used for?  

For amazing designs on walls, floors, and vehicles, OraJET printable vinyl has an extraordinarily large selection of printable vinyls. Sign producers are aware that the quality of your high-tech outdoor printer depends on the material you print on. Because of this, The vinyl corporation provides a complete array of OraJET printable vinyl.  


What is Flex use for printing?  

Specialised industrial printers can print on and change the colour of flexible material. Although these printers are made expressly to take flex material, they essentially function like any other inkjet device.  


What is HTV in printing?  

tote bag_the vinyl corporation_htv in nottingham_ iron on vinyl in nottingham_iron on vinyl

HTV, or heat transfer vinyl, is a specialised polyurethane with a heat-activated adhesive that is primarily used on specific fabrics and materials to attach graphics to promotional goods, such as textiles, bags and clothing like T-shirts.  


Do you need a special printer for printable HTV?  

Although HP and Epson also provide wide format printers, Mutoh, Roland, and Mimaki are some of the popular printer brands that are compatible with printable HTV. Additionally, these printers need specialised inks including Eco-Solvent, Solvent, and Latex inks. 


At the vinyl corporation, we offer the Best wide format digital printing vinyl for large-format digital printing signage and banner needs. Please feel free to contact us for your project requirements.