To Wrap or Not to Wrap This Christmas?

brand vinyl on car


Wrap Advertising or Vehicle Wrap can be produced with the use of Solvent, Eco -Solvent, UV or even Latex Inkjet Printers and when dried and Laminated can prove to be the most cost effective form of mobile media marketing known to man! research has shown that a wrapped vehicle carrying corporate branding can be significantly more effective for (BRR)”brand recognition recall”than a static roadside hoarding. The Vinyl Corporation have been associated with corporate branding through vehicle graphics and liveries for over 30 years, the advances in this market have been huge since the digital revolution, as screen printed vehicle liveries had to be produced in significant volume to make it a cost effective method of advertising, whereas now even the Wide Format Solvent Digital inkjet printer can produce low volume, high quality graphics and decals at a cost effective price point. A Vehicle advertising printed Wrap does NOT have to be a FULL WRAP but can be a partial Vehicle or part wrap which can still deliver a high visual impact, utilising the colour of the vehicle on which it is being applied. A wrap can range from colour changing to full colour photograph to convey a message, the most salient point being that the message is Clear, Concise and recognisable at 50 mph!


The thought of wrapping a vehicle, as a colour change wrap , rather than as a branded livery is a very different proposition as this will usually just be a single colour that is applied ALL over the vehicle body, this should never be considered as a cheaper alternative to restorative bodywork, to cover poor or chipped paintwork as a vehicle wrap will not conceal the sins beneath. A vehicle wrap does have many significant advantages over the painting alternative such as downtime, drying time, reversing the process, Cost, and where there is going to be regular change such as sponsorship Lettering and Logos on race cars, which may well change every season and sometimes more regularly, dependent on accidents, mishaps and spills on the racetrack, then the Wrapping film is very much a viable alternative to painting.


A good quality AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM or an ORACAL 3951 printed and laminated film will have a durability of five to seven years, in regular external conditions, on a vertical application in the UK, after this length of time there might be signs of fading and degrading but this will largely depend on how the vehicle has been treated and maintained, we have seen company vans that have been quite low mileage,garaged and hand washed maintain their original appearance for over ten years, However, a commercial bus that is used every day, machine washed with strong chemicals and traffic film remover the graphics will show signs of wear after five years, but that vehicle will probably be on a three or five year lease arrangement due to the high mileage covered and the Vinyl graphics will probably be the least of the purchasers concerns.It is often suggested that wrapping a vehicle does actually offer a certain amount of protection to the vehicle paint and bodywork by adding an extra skin, should this be removed prior to sale, then the paintwork should have been preserved in better condition than if the wrapping had not been carried out.


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