Wrapping Superheroes

To Wrap or Not to wrap?

The Vinyl Corporation have been advising companies about branding and recognition for over 35 years, with some outstanding Blue Chip and household names to their lexicon of successful brands and corporate identities. The primary advice is to keep it Clear, Keep it Simple and make that logo or brand image speak a thousand words, so the branding should be clearly indicative of the message that one is trying to convey and represent the product or service that is being offered for sale. When these criteria have been achieved it is So important that the quality of the graphics are produced in the finest material and applied in the best manner, to project the professional brand that is being promoted – we’ve all seen that lorry travelling down the motorway where the lettering has shrunk back or is gently flapping in the breeze along the joints that don’t quite meet and have delaminated. This is probably the first impression  of a company and hopefully it delivers a powerful message to the public about the professionalism and quality of the products, services and the company itself.

Wrapping Vinyl – Which Wrapping Vinyl do the professional Vehicle Wrappers choose?

The Vinyl Corporation has been delivering vehicle customising and graphic solutions for many years and recently requested that professional sign fitters who now have adapted their skill set to vehicle wrapping suggested their first choice material for Colour Change Wrapping or partial vehicle wraps, where deep contours and compound curves are involved and it was interesting to note that the majority of them qualified their choice of material with statements along the lines of ” I would always use AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM but if I’m advising anyone on materials  . . .it’s got to be fitted properly!! the best material will still look shocking if it is not applied correctly” So it is worth noting the words and advice of these professional vinyl installers 1) Preparation of the substrate prior to installation is of paramount importance – the Rapid Prep or AVERY SURFACE CLEANER appears to be the Vinyl Wrappers favourite choice of preparation fluid.2)Plan, measure and check – this will save a lot of pain and expense later on, it is worth planning the designs and shapes out in a squared system and even making a paper template,offering it up to the vehicle with masking tape to ensure that ALL the pieces fit together correctly as a jigsaw, it is easy to underestimate how much vinyl is required for a Full Vehicle Wrap or Colour Change, it is recommended to have two or three meters spare “Just in case” 3)Do NOT overstretch the Vinyl Wrapping Film as this will not only thin the Wrapping Film it will also compromise the integrity of the adhesive which could cause serious adhesion issues on deep recesses and compound curves 4) Conforming the Vehicle Wrapping Vinyl, now the bulk of large pieces have been fitted into place , the whole vehicle is worked over methodically with a New Blue Squeegee bringing each area up to 40-50 degrees and checking that every edge and air channel is squashed absolutely flat to the surface.5)  POST HEAT – This is the most important part of the whole process and the system that actually makes VEHICLE WRAPPING work and become a Wrap! The potentially troublesome areas of the vehicle such as deep recesses , the grill, door edges, air inlets and door handle recesses are heated up to 95 degrees to ensure that the WRAPPING FILM has lost it’s original memory and will now retain the shape that it has been formed into.

WRAPPERS CHOICE- Which Vinyl Wrapping Film?

The Professional Vehicle Vinyl Wrappers insist on a vinyl film that will be consistent and perform well every time, after extensive research and testing the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM has been found to outperform every other wrapping film available on the market, as long as it is fitted correctly! as with all products this can be subjective as several of our installers will insist on using the ORACAL 970RA WRAPPING FILM, as the facefilm and the adhesive both perform well and there is a price advantage to using this film compared to the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM  but as with all materials the installer will have his own method of applying these products to achieve the best results. For any further help or advice regarding Vehicle Wrapping Film please contact our dedicated helpdesk on 0115 930 1133 or via email on dmtvc.march@btconnect.com Both the AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM and the very popular ORACAL 970 RA offer a full Palette swatch of colours, these can be purchased on line for next day delivery.