Wrapping Worktops, Cupboards, Doors, Furniture and Vinyl Kitchen Wraps

WRAP SUPPLIESSelf adhesive wrapping vinyl and self adhesive MONOMERIC and Polymeric vinyl can be utilised in wrapping cupboards, doors, furniture and kitchens, the choice of materials will largely depend upon the shapes and contours of the surfaces that are going to be wrapped. Also the colour,shade and finish that the client requires, deciding whether a GLOSS or MATT finish is going to be more attractive within the setting. Clearly one of the main considerations will be that of budget, so a flat surface can be refurbished using an economical MONOMERIC self adhesive vinyl such as RITRAMA gloss or Matt vinyl.However , a piece of furniture that has intricate designs and compound curves will require a more flexible vinyl film, this can be polymeric,cast or wrapping vinyl.



Self adhesive wrapping vinyl | self adhesive MONOMERIC and Polymeric | The Vinyl CorporationWRAP for WORKTOPSWhen wrapping a worktop in a kitchen, bathroom, office or workshop the factors to be borne in mind are the serviceability, suitability and durability such as the work which is to be carried out on the worktop, if a kitchen worktop is being wrapped then the proximity to the heat sources such as cookers, AGA’s, kettles and other heaters have to fully researched prior to determining the type of vinyl to be used.


Self adhesive wrapping vinyl | self adhesive MONOMERIC and Polymeric | The Vinyl Corporation | Kitchen WrapVINYL KITCHEN WRAPThe Vinyl Corporation has been supplying self adhesive vinyl for Kitchen Wrapping for over thirty-five years and has noticed a change in trends and choices that are made for colours, styles and finishes. So wood grain and marble effects are not as popular as the Matt mist grey and Matt dark blue are currently. Quality of vinyl and its malleability have improved massively at this time, so a Shaker style kitchen cupboard door can be “wrapped“ with the AVERY 500 series vinyl or the ORACAL 651 Gloss or ORACAL 631 Matt vinyl.



Self adhesive wrapping vinyl | self adhesive MONOMERIC and Polymeric | The Vinyl Corporation | Kitchen WrappedPROFESSIONAL SURFACE WRAPPINGWhether it’s the reception area, lift doors, toilet block or office interior and a truly professional finish is required,then the choice of materials is huge please refer to the Architectural Wrapping Film section on www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk and advice can be acquired from the dedicated help desk on 0115 930 1133.



wrapped bathroom | The vinyl corporation

wrapped bathroom | The vinyl corporation

WORKTOP WRAPPING with VINYLWhen wrapping worktops in a kitchen it is important to tie in the splash-backs , should these be of glass construction then a complementary or contrasting coloured translucent or opaque self adhesive vinyl can be reverse applied or surface applied, these can be of many colours and shades as well as a variety of SPECIALTY FILMS from GEMSTONE CAST vinyl to HOLOGRAPHIC or even REFLECTIVE vinyl !


Self adhesive wrapping vinyl | self adhesive MONOMERIC and Polymeric | The Vinyl CorporationETCHED GLASS EFFECT VINYL FILMWhether the home or office worktops are being upgraded, refurbished and freshened up, the windows are an important part of the internal visual amenity and so GLASS ETCHED EFFECT VINYL can be used to preserve privacy and ensure safety through the usage of manifestations enabling users to see where the glass is, during bright days.Also WINDOW TINTING and solar control films can be utilised to ensure a more pleasant and controllable temperature is maintained either at home or in the office.


gloss purple wrapped car | The Vinyl CorporationCAR VINYL WRAPAt The Vinyl Corporation many requests are made for different types, colours, shades and designs of VEHICLE WRAPPING FILMS the best advice given is to visit www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk and consider the options available, advice will always be dispensed from the dedicated help desk on 0115 930 1133 TOTALLY FREE of CHARGE!The better quality vehicle wrapping vinyl will be more durable and colorfast than other cheaper imports that can be found on internet market places, so we advise to “ Buy once and buy right” the labour involved in wrapping a vehicle far outweighs the cost of materials, so it is certainly worth investing in AVERY SUPREME WRAPPING FILM or the more competitively priced but also Premium Quality ORACAL 970 Rapid Air film.


Self adhesive wrapping vinyl | self adhesive MONOMERIC and Polymeric | The Vinyl CorporationWRAPPING WORKTOPS, CUPBOARDS, DOORS, FURNITURE or KITCHENSIn conclusion, it can be summarised by choosing the best materials possible and if a professional installer is tackling the task, ensure that their credentials are checked and their portfolio and customer references are checked.If in doubt about either of the above points please feel free to contact The Vinyl Corporation for advice on 0115 930 1133. Should a car, boat, van or aeroplane be the subject of a full, half or partial wrap it is advised to use the AVERY Supreme Wrapping Film or the Premium Quality ORACAL 970 Rapid Air professional materials.www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk