Oracal       OR.      AVERY

YOU CHOOSE!!SIGN MAKING VINYL & SUPPLIESMatt or Gloss, you choose from an enviable selection of colours and shades, from the GLOSS ORACAL 651 or the Gloss AVERY 500 series vinyl or you might choose a MATT vinyl for interior wall or exhibition graphics from the fabulous standard and pastel shades of the ORACAL 631 vinyl to the widely used AVERY 500 series Matt self-adhesive vinyl – YOU CHOOSE! ORACAL        OR.   AVERY                    WRAPPING VINYLFrom Matt to metallic wrapping vinyl, The Vinyl Corporation has the two industry-leading brands from the ORACAL 970 Rapid air to the AVERY Supreme Wrapping FilmYOU CHOOSE!  both of these wrapping films have been engineered to meet the exacting high standards of professional wrappers, please either check out the website or call our dedicated helpline on 0115 930 1133 we can help you choose!PRINTABLE SELF ADHESIVE VINYLFrom the huge range and permutations from cast vinyl and corresponding laminates to POLYMERIC printable vinyl to the ubiquitous MONOMERIC printable film, usually one hundred microns and available in gloss or Matt white or clear transparent, some with grey adhesive-backed options, either check out the “Digital Media “ section of the website or call the helpline on 0115 930 1133 YOU CHOOSE!!ORACLE        tiger striped vinyl covered car                 OR  AVERY                   tiger striped vinyl covered car


The Vinyl Corporation has been supplying self-adhesive vinyl products for industry and sign makers for thirty-eight years and during that time has put together an impressive range of standard and speciality products from the Glass decoration lines of ETCHED GLASS effect vinyl, TRANSPARENT and TRANSLUCENT coloured vinyl from LG, RiMark, MacTac, ORACAL and AVERY – YOU CHOOSE!!                        SPECIALTY VINYLThe huge choice of specialty vinyl, specifically tailored to match the rigorous demands of today’s sign makers from the ORACAL 6510 FLUORESCENT or the longer-lasting cast, CHAPTER 8 compliant ORACAL 7510 fluorescent vinyl to the REFLECTIVE vinyl whether it’s a standard or specialty reflective vinyl- YOU CHOOSE!!                      TINTS, T-SHIRT and GARMENT VINYLWhatever project you are currently working on or quoting for whether it is tinting office windows, custom tinting car windows or making a batch of hoodies or workwear The Vinyl Corporation can help you to save time, effort and money……just check the website or call the help desk on 0115 930 1133 – YOU CHOOSE!!