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One of the core products in SIGN MAKING VINYL SUPPLIES is the PLASTIC SQUEEGEE, which in the SIGN TRADE is the main and central APPLICATION TOOL, whether this is the Solvent Digital Printed Vinyl Graphic or the humble CRAFT VINYL STICKER cut on a `SILHOUETTE CAMEO CUTTER or even applying Window Tint. The type and rigidity of the VINYL SQUEEGEE one chooses for a particular project will be determined by the VINYL FITTERS personal preference and the substrate that the Vinyl Decal is being applied to, The AVERY PRO or the NEW BLUE SQUEEGEE are general purpose application squeegees as they have fairly hard plastic on one side and a felt block on the other, to avoid scratching the surface of the Vinyl, Print or Tint. The 3M GOLD squeegee has always been a quality product, as indeed the “NEW GOLD SQUEEGEE” is rated as high as any other vinyl squeegee on the market today, but no discussion about squeegees would be complete without mentioning the “MACTAC FELT” squeegee, the dense construction makes it suitable for wet applications whilst still offering enough rigidity to apply pressure to the graphic being applied.