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Here at The Vinyl Corporation, we are pleased to offer sign making supplies, sign vinyl supplies, HTV – Heat Transfer Vinyl, sticky back vinyl and craft vinyl materials. Discover our range of sign making supplies today! At The Vinyl Corporation, we offer a variety of sign making supplies as well as craft vinyl, fluorescent vinyl, premium vinyl, gloss vinyl, sticky back vinyl and matt vinyl.

Our sign vinyl supplies can be cut to produce bright and colourful display advertising such as logos. We offer a variety of sign vinyl supplies that are designed and created for easy application. Discover more about our sign vinyl supplies and sign-making supplies.

We offer a variety of different sign vinyl supplies from brands such as Oracal, Avery Dennison, Mactac, 3M, Ritrama, and LG Chem. We only stock high-quality sign material from reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. We also stock sign vinyl accessories, which are vital for creating the perfect sign. Our sign making supplies can be used to create vibrant and eye-catching signs for vehicles such as cars, vans, and lorries. Our sign vinyl supplies can also be used for outdoor and indoor applications. Our sign making supplies are perfect for any office building, school, or home. Find the perfect sign material from The Vinyl Corporation!

If you would like to find out more information about our sign making supplies or if you would like to learn more about our craft vinyl supplies, then please get in touch with The Vinyl Corporation today. The Vinyl Corporation has been supplying high-quality sign material for 30 years and has the expertise and knowledge to help with any issues you may have. You can get in touch with The Vinyl Corporation by using our contact form, by emailing us at:, or by calling us on 0115 930 1133. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our sign making supplies.


Headlight Tinting  

With headlight tinting, you can make your car’s headlights brighter or in different colours. Even though it can appear straightforward, it’s vital to go to a business that is fully knowledgeable about the relevant laws and regulations to avoid disappointment and any legal repercussions.

We offer standard tinting films, which are great for people looking to style their car on a budget, as well as tinted paint protection films, which not only offer a variety of clear darkening shades but also provide additional stone chip protection for your peace of mind.

Although there are regulations that limit the types of modifications you can apply to your vehicle lights, the UK doesn’t have any legislation that outright prohibits headlights or rear tints.



Etched Vinyl –  Sign Making Vinyl Supplies

What is the purpose of etched vinyl?
Glass with etched vinyl is a kind of speciality product. Etched-glass vinyl, which was initially created to imitate the appearance and effect of actually etching glass, provides the same effect at a fraction of the cost and without requiring the glass to be physically altered.

What makes frosted different from etched?

So what makes the difference? Sandblasting glass by hand or using a machine produces etched glass. In most cases, this transforms the glass into beautiful artwork, patterns, or even names. Frosted glass is a different type of glass where the transparency is replaced with a translucent layer to give the appearance of clouds.

HTV- Heat Transfer Vinyl – HTV Vinyl UK – Iron On Vinyl – Craft HTV Vinyl

Craft vinyl known as heat transfer vinyl, or HTV, is frequently applied with heat to T-shirts and other textiles. Most novices also refer to this vinyl as “iron-on” vinyl. Popular heat transfer vinyl varieties include Inkjet Printable, Premium Plus, Glitter, and Siser EasyWeed.

On the market, there is no HTV heat transfer craft vinyl film of higher quality. You can actually make spectacular, one-of-a-kind creations thanks to the availability of a rainbow of colours and the flexibility to layer. In the market for craft supplies that use heat transfer vinyl, our HTV Vinyl competes with the competition.

The sticky backing helps with application and has excellent cuttability and weeding capabilities. Because of the production technique, your design will continue to appear flawless even after multiple washing. This is also PVC-free and appropriate for use in clothing designs for babies.

If you do not have a heat press, you can use an iron. Just remember to make suet the iron is not set up to disperse steam. Use a sturdy surface, such as a table or the floor, to iron (ironing board is not recommended). To get rid of wrinkles and dampness, press garments. Keep the iron over the HTV with both hands for the suggested amount of time; with some HTV vinyls, you might need to add a few extra seconds.

These heat transfer vinyl (HTV) sheets can be used with cotton, polyester, or a combination of the two.


Self Adhesive Vinyl – Sticky Back – Vinyl Rolls – Worktop Vinyl Wrap

Both flooring tiles, kitchen cupboard vinyl and a digital printing printer can employ self-adhesive vinyl. Self-adhesive can be used to make eye-catching adverts for your company or individualised, vibrant stickers and decorations for your home.

This thin material with an adhesive (or sticky) backing called adhesive vinyl can be cut with a direct or other electronic cutting tool and then applied to a variety of surfaces. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can even cut simple forms by hand, such is the flexibility of the material. It is suitable for use on both smooth and flat surfaces. Smooth walls, glass, wood, plastic, tile, metal, and other surfaces.


Paintmask film 

When something larger-area coverage is required and masking tape and paper is not effective, the masking film is the ideal solution. If you wish to prevent overspray when spraying a big surface, protective films are perfect. Masking film is available in long rolls with different thicknesses and lengths and fits form-fittingly.


Oramask Paint Mask

Specifically designed for stencil applications, particularly spray and paint techniques, Oramask 813 stencil film is a rigid 3 mil translucent blue PVC stencil film. It is practical to use for die-cut/hand-cut spray mask stencils as well as painting areas to be covered.


Stencil film- Stencil film for painting -Stencil film roll

You may use this film to cover a variety of objects, including glass, wood, canvas, and even aeroplanes. Stencil films contain low-tack adhesives that let you hide painted surfaces without causing paint damage. It is readily removed but stays in place while you paint or spray your product.


Hand painting Signwriters – Traditional signwriting

Though digital print and cut vinyl lettering are gaining popularity, letterheads—both for men and women—are still in high demand even though signwriting has been practiced for thousands of years.


Sign Vinyl- Vinyl for Signs – Sign Making Vinyl Supplies 

A variety of eye-catching, inventive, and colourful displays and advertisements can be made using Sign making Vinyl. Cast vinyl, calendered vinyl, RI-mark , polymeric vinyl, transparent vinyl, matt vinyl, and gloss vinyl are just a few of the many types of sign vinyl for signs available. These many vinyl types are excellent for various reasons. For instance, polymeric vinyl is ideal for use in making banners because it contains plasticizers with big molecular sizes, making it durable and resistant to most conditions. Calendered vinyl film, on the other hand, is utilised for short-term applications because it is less resistant to hostile environments.

Bubble Free Vinyl- Sign Making Vinyl Supplies

No Bubbles Self-Adhesive Vinyl has bubble-free air channels and microscopic glass beads that prevent an adhesive from working until the user is ready. The beads allow the material to be lifted and reapplied multiple times during the wrapping process without compromising its longevity.


Stenciling- Sign Making Vinyl Supplies in UK

In order to make stencils with your cutting machine, self-adhesive stencil vinyl was created. Removing removable adhesive vinyl from your project should be straightforward thanks to its adhesive backing. Although vinyl with a permanent adhesive is likewise sticky, it will stick to any surface you add it to more firmly. Perfect for your project. Looking for Stenciling vinyl, we have it right here at The Vinyl Corporation.