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The Vinyl Corporation has been providing Signs and Sign Making Vinyl Supplies for over thirty years and within the portfolio of Self Adhesive Vinyl Rolls Low Tack Vinyl or Stencil Vinyl, sometimes referred to as “Resist” by glass art Signmakers. Any Self Adhesive Vinyl Film that has an initial Low Tack and when removed does not leave any residue behind is known as Low Tack Vinyl or Paint Mask Stencil Vinyl.


The ORAFOL, 80 Micron flexible grey ORAMASK paint mask stencil vinyl is a MATT grey Translucent film, this is extremely flexible vinyl that has superb transparency, making it the ideal product to align and acheive perfect registration and positioning prior to spraying or brushing, leaving a clean edge definition and a very easy release.


There are several removable vinyl’s on the market, for various uses, the RITRAMA MATT BLACK vinyl film is used for theatrical and studio flooring, quick change flooring and set design,or the ORACAL, ORAJET 3162 removable printable vinyl is a low tack and when the purpose has been performed the film can be removed leaving NO adhesive residue behind.


The ORACAL 810 paint mask STENCIL FILM is highly flexible, making it conformable to complex curves , uneven, difficult and semi- flexible substrates, such as banners and lorry tilt sides. The Vinyl Corporation will recommend the ORACAL 810 stencil film as it has excellent removable qualities and is probably the best Self Adhesive Vinyl for PRE CUT PAINT MASK STENCILS and automotive stencils available to Sign and Sign Making Suppliers as it is the ideal STENCIL FILM with the LOW TACK ADHESIVE.