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The Vinyl Corporation have been suppliers of vehicle vinyl Decals,Car striping tape, Chrome Vinyl Wrap, magnetic signs and vinyl coachlines for over 30 years. Vehicle Vinyl can be utilised and customised for many different purposes, which will determine the type of Vehicle vinyl that the vinyl wrapper or sign maker will install on a particular vehicle it might be for Decoration just to customise a vehicle, making it individual and noteworthy or it could be corporate branding, sponsorship or advertising graphics for a promotion of a product or an event, which could be supported and reinforced by other signage in the form of Banners, posters or Vinyl Signs. The Vinyl Corporation supplies :

MONOMERIC Calendered vehicle vinyl, this is an economical form of advertising usually for short term promotions on flat panels, for example Demonstration or courtesy cars.

POLYMERIC Calendered vehicle vinyl, this is a medium term 5-7 year life vinyl, which can be fitted over curved surfaces making it ideal for fleet vehicle markings and the choice of AVERY MPi 2800 Digital print vinyl with the DOL 2800 laminate would be one encouraged by The Vinyl Corporation for quality printed Vinyl Graphics.

CAST VINYL FOR CAR WRAPPING or Cast Wrap whether it is a colour changing vinyl Wrap or a full colour Digital print ORAJET 3951RA Vehicle Wrap.

The Vinyl Corporation are the car wrap supplier of ALL the major brands of self adhesive vinyl rolls, wraps and vinyl stickers and have been supplying vehicle wrapping professionals since vinyl wrap was first formulated from Sticky Back Plastic and through its evolution to the Automotive vinyl wrap and high performance engineered product that it is today. Leading this Vanguard is Avery Wrapping Vinyl with the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Film which is Bubble free, air release and easy to apply car wrapping material especially on the very popular Chrome Vinyl Wrap.