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The Vinyl Corporation have been Suppliers of Self Adhesive Vinyl, Sign Making and Supplies for over 30 years to the Vinyl Cutters who are primarily Signmakers within the SIGN TRADE SUPPLIES area of graphics, these can be Exhibition Display Graphics, Vehicle Marking Fleet Graphics or Shop Window Signs, so when FABLON or Sticky Back Plastic is used for these purposes Frosted Vinyl or ETCHED GLASS EFFECT Vinyl film is generally used and the LG 4510 product is the recommended product at the forefront of this type of retail shop window display.
Frosted Film for windows can be seen being used in many different ways, as Manifestation film for glass in the form of 50mm frosted bands or dots which are adhered to the interior of the display window for safety and security, or as Corporate Branding with Toni and Guy, Cafe Nero or KFC these are examples of Etch Glass effect Vinyl Film being used as easily identifiable Logos on the High Street Sign Scape.


MACTAC 798-01 FROSTED window film is a very high quality engineered product, which when applied internally on a vertical pane, after the glass has been prepared with AVERY SURFACE CLEANER, will last for ten years with a clean, sharp and smart image projected onto the high street or into the shopping centre. The LG Etch glass effect vinyl will give a more “Silver metallic” effect than the Frosted Vinyl Film, which is much whiter in its appearance.


As Adhesive Sign Vinyl the Etched Glass Effect and Frosted Glass are two of the most versatile films available to the Sign Makers whether it is for privacy panels or office partitions, shop window display signage or Exhibition graphics these Vinyl Sign Products will always deliver a professional finish, which is easily removed at a later date.

Easy to Apply

Vinyl Sign Making Suppliers are always ensuring that the vinyl products that are supplied are easy to apply, look good when installed and easy to remove afterwards, should any advice or guidance be needed for your next Sign making Project, be sure to check out the advice given on The Vinyl Corporation Blog Site.