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Ray Stanton Avery | The Vinyl Corporation

Kum-Kleen Products, Stan Avery’s original company name, advertised the ability of the self-adhesive label to be removed without leaving a trace. When customers asked for their names to be printed on the labels, he added print using a hand-cranked printing press. Initially, the label’s face was made of simple, white paper. On the face of modern labels, there may be brightly coloured graphics and images made of cloth, plastic, or metallic films. 


Stan Avery chose Kum-Kleen Products as the name of his first company to emphasise the ability of a self-adhesive label to be removed without leaving a mark. 

When customers requested that their names be printed on the labels, he added print using a hand-cranked printing press. Initially, the label’s front was just a piece of plain white paper. 

Today, the label’s face may be composed of cloth, plastic, or metallic films. It may also include designs and images in a variety of colourful colours. 

Stan and Dorothy Avery founded the resale, industrial, and converting business divisions of Avery Adhesives Label Corporation on September 21st, 1946. 

Labels in the resale category were resold to customers by 300 wholesalers, distributors, and 1200 retail establishments, most of which were stationery stores. 


Stan came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to design and produce labels for the entire world from Southern California. If Avery wants to keep growing, it will need to launch autonomous operations across multiple industries. As a result of this realisation, a second company was created to provide self-adhesive base materials to other manufacturers and a franchising programme for global label makers. In 1956, William Sessions and Avery in the UK reached a licence agreement. 

The first production facility in the UK began operations in Cumbernauld, a neighbourhood of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1964. A variety of copier, computer, industrial, and price-marking labels was available. 


Avery products 

Here at The Vinyl corporation, we supply the very best in Avery products. Read on to get an idea of what we sell and their uses. 

Avery vinyl 500 gloss 

Avery vinyl 500 gloss 

Avery Dennison 500 Event Films are a highly versatile choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor display applications, including directional signage, promotions, point-of-sale, exhibits, and a wide range of other temporary demands. These calendered, opaque, sign-cut films are available in gloss or matt finishes. 500 Event Films are especially well suited for interior applications because water-based adhesives don’t harm the environment the way solvents do. 

Avery Matt, 700,777 series

very-700-palette | The Vinyl Corporation

For a variety of intermediate applications, an affordable 8 year cast film in a great assortment of colours and finishes is ideal. The films can adapt to both flat and somewhat curved substrates, making them appropriate for a variety of sign and graphic applications. 

The range’s 100 standard stock colours make it ideal for coloured window graphics, signage, vehicle graphics, and promotional displays. 


Avery Supercast 900  

Avery 900 Super Cast.  | The vinyl corporation

The only choice that truly excels when a full corporate identity is required is Avery 900 Super Cast. 

A collection of top-notch cast films that can be used on even the most difficult substrates, such as corrugations, simple and compound curves, rivets, deep channels, and concave surfaces, while still ensuring great conformability, conversion, and durability and producing top-notch graphics. 

The Avery 900 Super Cast series is appropriate for long-term sign applications that are both indoor and outdoor. 

Thanks to the wide variety of conventional colours available in gloss, matt, and metallic finishes as well as the potential for an infinite number of colour options with the Avery at the Vinyl Corporation, choosing the perfect colour for any project will be simple. 


Avery Supreme Wrapping film 

Avery-supreme-avery-supreme-wrapping-film | The vinyl corporation

Look no further than Avery Supreme Wrapping Film if you’re looking for a wrapping film that offers excellent performance and simple application. 

 If you’re looking for a vehicle wrapping film that offers performance, versatility, and simplicity, Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is your best choice (Avery Vinyl). The smooth, paint-like finish of this dual film, which combines clear protection layers with colour layers, makes it long-lasting, attractive, and durable. With its numerous vehicle colour options, Avery Supreme Vehicle Wrapping Film (Avery Vinyl) provides more than ever. 

Avery digital printing vinyl  

Polymeric self-adhesive vinyl films from the Avery are suited for a variety of applications on flat and slightly curved substrates. They work well with a range of ultra-wide format inkjet printers that employ latex, eco-solvent, solvent, and mild solvent inks.

Key features are:

  • Excellent handling and print quality on some printers
  • Performance Promise of ICS
  • High degree of dimensional stability
  • Simple and spotless removal
  • For overposting purposes, high opacity
  • Outstanding toughness and outdoor performance

Is Avery Graphics vinyl permanent? 

Avery Permanent Adhesive Vinyl provides a HUGE variety of Pantone and uni colours featuring an enhanced shelf-life and best-in-class weeding! It is a 6 year outdoor vinyl and virtually everlasting indoor project. 

How long will printed vinyl last? 

Most people consider a material’s lifespan when using high-quality materials, and vinyl has that. Vinyl-made signs are anticipated to endure at least 5 to 10 years, despite the fact that the sun can progressively fade vinyl over time.